The Passion Behind
The Incredible Science Machine! 

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Zeal Credit Union believes in passionate people. We have an enthusiastic devotion to our members and it drives everything we do.
For more than 63 years, members like you have relied on Zeal Credit Union. We have always shared your good character, strong work ethic and passion for everything that you do. For three years we supported the passionate builders of the Incredible Science Machine, and our Passion video explains the meaning behind our support of this incredible project! 

Thank you to all the members and fans of the Incredible Science Machine who came to the events to support our Hard Working builders of this INCREDIBLE event! 

“As the credit union for Hard Working Americans,  Zeal understands the hard work and passion required to pursue a dream of this magnitude and we are just happy we could be part of it.”

Lisa Fawcett
, Vice President at Zeal Credit Union

Steve Price on America's Got Talent 

Steve Price showed off his skills in front of a national audience for America's Got Talent on NBC. The incredible design was the most memorable, but the Incredible Science Machine will be his biggest project yet!

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